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Do You Have a PIP Backpack?

Back in the day, when I was younger and not as wise, I sat in on an insurance class to get my state license. While I was drinking my morning coffee waiting for the class to start a gal walked in wearing a bright backpack.

Within a second I figured out she was the teacher of the class that day. When she spoke about No-Fault insurance A.K.A personal injury protection (PIP), she wore a bright backpack to make her point.

A point that has always stuck with me.

She explained that PIP goes where you go. Its like a backpack you wear around. If you have auto insurance you have PIP.

You have to be named on the policy or at least a household member of the insured to get the protection but this coverage is one of the least expensive forms of HEALTH insurance you can buy. Not only does it give a person state minimum limits but an insured can also buy up or even stack this coverage to increase their medical disability payment incase of an injury.

If you do not own a car or vehicle you can buy what's called “Non-Owned” auto insurance. You will get PIP coverage from this type of policy and it is very inexpensive.

Make sure you are wearing your PIP backpack by getting auto insurance today!

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