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Do Fish Houses Need to be Insured?

The state of Minnesota requires you to have Liability coverage on the road. Luckily your Personal Auto Policy will most likely provide Liability coverage for any trailers you own. This will cover the property damage if you back into something with the trailer or swing too wide and hit another vehicle.

But what if your fish house is damaged? Your Auto Policy will NOT cover any damage to the fish house cause by such collision unless you add the fish house as a trailer to your policy for an additional premium.

There are a couple different options when it comes to insuring your fish house. The first option is insuring it under your Homeowners Policy. If scheduled properly, this could cover recovery of the fish house if it fell through the ice. However, contents of the fish house would have to be scheduled separately.

The second option is to schedule it under your Auto Policy. This would typically give you coverage for theft, falling through the ice, or physical damage. However, coverage is limited to the current depreciated value. Also, if someone breaks into your fish house and steals personal property, most Auto Policies will not cover the personal property - only the damage done to the fish house.

To figure out which coverage would be best for you, we recommend talking to one of our experienced licensed agents here at Goeman Agency. They can shop for the best coverage at the right price for you!

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