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Tom and Jon: The Seasoned Veterans of Citizens Alliance Agency

In the ever-changing world of insurance, meet the experienced Agents at Citizens Alliance Agency, Tom Saue and Jon Kuhlmann. These two seasoned professionals bring a ton of know-how, a deep understanding, and always guarantee to do their best and provide clients with excellent customer service.


Jon and Tom, know how to roll with the punches in the insurance game. They get that success in this field means keeping up with the twists and turns. Their experienced approach to handling the ever-shifting needs of clients and industry demands makes them stand out as agents ready to make a real impact.


Knowing that knowledge is power in the insurance game, Tom and Jon are always on the lookout for new insights. They get that the insurance world is always evolving, and their determination to stay on top of things means they're always armed with the latest industry tips and clever solutions to handle the tricky parts of insurance, making sure clients get the best service.


People First, Always; Beyond just talking about policies and premiums, Jon and Tom are all about people. Their wide network and deep connections in the communities set a new standard for service. By really listening to what people need and want, they create plans that offer peace of mind and solid protection. It's not just about insurance; it's about building real relationships.

Tom and Jon's wealth of experience makes Citizens Alliance Agency a go-to source for insurance expertise. Their leadership, friendly attitude, and commitment to going the extra mile inspire trust in both clients and colleagues, creating an atmosphere of teamwork and support.


We invite our community to experience the top-notch service brought by Jon Kuhlmann and Tom Saue at Citizens Alliance Agency. As your trusted guides, they bring a mix of experience and industry smarts to make sure every client gets the best insurance plans that fit their needs.


Discover the difference that Tom and Jon can make in your insurance experience—swing by our office today and see firsthand the commitment to excellence that defines Citizens Alliance Agency. Your peace of mind is what matters most, and with our trusted agents leading the way, you're in good hands.

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