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When in Doubt, Hit the Deer.

"In the last five years (2014–2018) in Minnesota, there were 7,896 deer crashes reported to DPS. Deer-vehicle crashes peak in the autumn months, but Minnesota’s large deer population makes them a safety hazard on the road all year long." -MN DPS

When encountering a deer on the road the first thing you need to remember is DON'T PANIC. Firmly grab your steering wheel, apply the breaks, aim straight on, and take out the deer.


Here's why:

The most serious accidents occur when someone swerves out of the way of the deer (or any animal for that matter) and ends up losing control of their vehicle striking a tree, car, or another person.

If you do hit a deer remember it’s a “comprehensive” claim. This means you don’t get a chargeable accident on your driving record like you’ll get if you hit a tree or another car.

Here are some safety tips to avoid hitting a deer in the first place:

  1. Deer travel in groups - usually single file. If you see a deer slow down and watch to see if it is being followed.

  2. Keep your high beams on as much as possible to see deer sooner.

  3. Always wear your seat belt. Second impact could be you hitting the windshield if you are not wearing your seat belt

  4. Pay extra close attention between 6-9PM when deer are most active.

When in doubt, hit the deer. It's a much better alternative than hurting yourself, your passengers, or others around you.

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